Family Holiday

by | Sep 15, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

It’s the time of year for the family treat,
time to leave our little street.
Stopped the milk, stopped the papers,
don’t forget to tell the neighbours.

The car is packed to the hilt;
it looks as though it’s on a tilt.
On the motorway in a jam,
this is no way to get a tan!

Bed & Breakfast or Self Catering?
Which holiday will you be taking?
Mum’s not cooking anymore;
she wants a break from family chores.

On the beach, jump in the sea,
there’s lots of fun for you and me..
Sand castles to build, shells to collect,
catch a crab in your net.

Tall and thin, short and fat,
‘Surely I don’t look like that?’
‘Where’s my hat? My head is burning!’
It’s the same each year, you are never learning!’

Promenading in the evening,
be careful, what you’re seen in.
Boy catches the eye of a lovely girl;
enough to send his heart in a twirl.

People watching, happy faces.
Chatter, chatter in so many places.
Old people sat in deck chairs,
remembering the fun of youth,
at seaside fairs.

Two weeks are up; it has gone so fast,
I thought it was too good to last!
Say goodbye to friends you’ve made
and don’t forget to forget to take home,
your bucket and spade.’

See you next year!


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