Fate of the Seas

by | Apr 8, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

I stood at the bed watching you sleep, knowing that in my heart I will have you to keep
I ran my hands through your silky hair, leaving you now is so hard to bare
I gently lean over and give you a kiss, my time at sea you will surely be missed
I put my boots on and walk out the door, with you in my heart I walk to the shore
I see the masts of the ships in the dock, as I listen to the chimes of the town’s only clock
I walk onboard to the wooden deck, wishing your arms where wrapped round my neck
We make preparations and prepare to sail, then I pause and look up as I hear you wail
I run to the shore I hug you tight, but I must go and go off to fight
You watch on deck as we shrink and fade, I look back and loose you in the shade
For days and weeks we sail on the blue everyday I think of you
Then one morning we spot enemy sails, “PREPARE THE CANNONS” came the ordering wail,
Iron balls and powder we pack them tight, as we close on the enemy and prepare to fight,
The sun blocks out as we pass side by side, our cannons roar out there’s nowhere to hide,
The smoke the noise the cries of pain, remaining down here is utterly insane,
I see bloody bodies and faces of fear, and I can already see that death is near,
The roar of the cannons, the flames and the smoke, this is a living hell we’re starting to choke
Through the holes in the side I look at the fleet, the smoke is too thick but am sensing defeat,
I think of you my love, my dear, I want you to be safe so that’s why I am here,
Into the night the fight goes on, by now my love almost both fleets have gone
The morning light brings news of the fleet, we return home victorious leaving the enemy defeat,
Every ship has been damaged, some lost at sea, you stand on the dock as you wait for me,
Under tow we are tied to the dock, people ashore, are standing in shock,
Rows upon rows the dead are laid, a grief so strong through the whole town it’s shared
You walk over passing the dead, as I stand and wait at a sailors head
With a smile on my face and a tear in my eye, why do I feel confused when I see you cry,
Looking down to the sailor that’s near, I soon realize that the sailor is me


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