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This story started some time ago
On an Island not far away
New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean
Where some Australians visit or stay
Fatima was the destination
For Kathy at this time
When she was working there with Missionaries
Where happiness reigned sublime
The party consisted of Priests and Nuns
And the missionaries too
Living together in unison
As Christian parties do
The accomodation was very basic
Inflatable beds on the floor
Living the life of the Natives
No luxuries were in store
There were no windows but holes in the walls
In what was little more than a hut
But it did posses a door of sorts
Which residents were able to shut
All the young ladies together
For Kathy all was going fine
They all decided to celebrate
With some food and the odd glass of wine
And then it was back to their billet
They walked as best they could
With everything dark around them
And a torch which did little good
They made their way in single file
Down a goat track or something such
With bush a foliage around them
Their steps couldn’t vary much
Then Kathy heard a noise at her side
She jumped forward and all the other girls stumbled and fell
Some screamed and some nearly cried
But all the noise had woken the bush life
Their cries could be heard all around
And then it seemed as if by magic
There wasn’t a single sound
They were settled back in their billet now
An Kathy looked towards the top of the door
Was distracted by talking and laughter
And then looked back once more
But this time on top of the door the big head of a Snake
The biggest Kathy had ever seen
And eyes that looked at her as if to say
Stay there for me my little queen
Tho petrified Kathy tried to shout a warning
Then “SNAKE SNAKE” she shouted but in vain
For the other girls took no notice
They thought she was kidding again
By this time the snake was on the floor now
And they finally heeded |Kathy’s cries
As they were faced with huge 10ft snake
With a big head and mesmerising eyes
Then Kathy just jumped through the window
With all the others to land on the scrub beneath
When one of the older Nuns murmured
I’m going back in there it’s not having my teeth
The Nun then dived back & returned with her teeth in the glass
Put teeth in and threw the glass at the snakes head
They gathered and waited till they were all together
And off down the path they all fled
By now the men ran towards them
To investigate the cause of the noise
But by now the snake has made it’s way through the door
To find which escape route it deploys
A man then said “Girls don’t be afraid of that
You’ve made such a silly mistake”
That little fella won’t hurt you
It’s only a baby |Carpet Snake


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