Finding another

by | Nov 14, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I’ve found another; no more I can love you,
You seem to crucify everything I do.
I can’t do right, from doing wrong,
At this moment, I don’t feel strong.
The fighting and hurt, I need it to end,
It’s not ok with us, and I can’t pretend.
You’ve driven me away, with all you do,
Now I have found someone new.
Finding another, I never thought id find,
But he’s loving me, caring, and treating me kind.
He’s taking away my sadness, and pain,
No longer am I playing your silly game.
You made so many promises, that you never kept,
Many nights I sat up and wept.
Finding another, has given me hope,
With you I wasn’t able to cope.
I gave you so much, but you never gave back,
Love from me, you sure didn’t lack.
Now its time I move on with a new love I’ve found,
No longer with you, I’m gag and bound.
Finding another, is the best thing I could do,
No more will I be loving you.


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