First Poem

by | Nov 3, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Words are free to everyone
To use as best they may
And if you feel like poetry
Give it a try one day
Take some words and write them down
Juggle them around for a little time
And soon before your very eyes
You’ll have written your verse in rhyme
It really isn’t hard you know
Once your mind is set
On making your own composition
And your inhibitions you forget
You think of a suitable subject
And what you would like to achieve
Then think of words to match your thoughts
It’s easier than you believe
The only tools you need for the job
A knowledge of words or a dictionary
And start to write to your hearts content
Lines and phrases that you can vary
Then juggle again with what is on the page
Until what you see seems right
Then read and enjoy what you’ve just composed
Poetic licence is within your sight.


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