‘Flying High’

by | May 21, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

My love for you is flying high
On interstellar crazy trip
In this starlit heavenly sky
Aboard true loves amazing ship.

My love for you is flying wide
Across a crazy starlit sky
On interplanetary ride
That takes me flying ever high.

As cobwebs gently brush my face
Bright stardust trails across my feet
I know, throughout the human race
That you and I were meant to meet.

I search for you in constant awe
Then reaching out to take your love
I know what life then has in store
A true love blessed by God above.

We fly across this heaven blue
Our love a constant wondrous thing
Together now, just we two
So let the whole world joyous sing.

To populace we promulgate
That we are one and deep in love
So speak you now, before too late
We pledge our oath to God above.


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