Food for thought

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

High on the clifftops
Looking down one day
Two people with a vision
As they looked across the Bay
They knew not what was below them
That had supported where they stood
Many soldiers that had risked their lives
Many died on sands soaked with their blood
They prevented an invasion
Of this their green and pleasant land
On other foreign beaches
With rifle and bayonet in hand
But I wonder if this young couple
Whilst viewing this idyllic scene
Even thought of the price of the conflict
Paid by these soldiers with sacrifice supreme
As the sands looked so peaceful
And the seas kissed the shore
There was never any intimation
Of the horrors of a world at war
But maybe they are both thinking
As their eyes scan the bay
Let’s give our thanks to those who gave their tomorrow’s
That we’re able to enjoy this world today.


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