For a True Friend

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

The sea of life is filled with Hypocrisy and scorn,
The parents meet nine months later you are BORN,
As soon as you learn to walk on your own two feet,
Give him away these bills I can’t meet.

The new parents adore you and so mores the pity,
One sad day you all left Dublin city,
A new start began for you very fast,
In another city in the near from Belfast.

In schools and learning you were well on the way,
A real example that education can pay,
History, French etc nearly always top of the class,
As an officer in the Army I think I could pass.

Our lives are not laid down like railway lines,
So growing up you noticed the signs,
Repressed all feelings of your sexual way,
No one can blame you in that Army of the day.

And so I think it’s called you coming out,
We have all learned a little what life’s about,
So as I bring this to an end,
It don’t matter what gender I HAVE A FRIEND.


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