‘For God and Queen’

by | May 23, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I gaze inside a midnight dream
Of dying men in bloody stream
Yet courage in my heart prevails
To see the mighty tall ships sail.

Hear the marching warriors sing
As boots upon the street do ring
For we are off to fight the foe
Away from loved ones we must go.

Away to die in foreign lands
In jungles green; On desert sands
To kill with bayonet or gun
Until the earth with blood does run..

We march in row-on-row of three
Some sing without much melody
for on their faces fear is seen
Yet they will fight for God and Queen.

Those that return home to their kind,
Some broke in spirit and in mind
Will try to start where they left off
And yet to die of whooping cough.


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