For King and Country

by | Mar 16, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

It was for King and Country
That I did sign up for
To go to war
They say that this one is to be known as the Great War
The one to end all wars

We marched in line and column
Through towns and villages
Pretty girls would give us a wave
It made us feel brave

I’d never been on a boat before
It was something else to listen to the waves roar
As I watched our great land disappear
I wiped away a tear

This new land it does look grand
As we sit around listening to the battalion band
The shout goes out we are to move on out
They have to be blunt
We are going to the front

This new land is now mud and rubble
It’s hard to stay out of the trouble
You can see the Hun they move at the double
All I do now is sit and huddle
Trying to keep out of this puddle

The shells air burst all around
Spraying death down onto the ground
Those bastard Huns I definitely want to shoot one

I watch the planes dog fight in the sky
Like a colourful kite that flies on by
Their engines splutter
As their guns clatter

Our guns now have their fun
As they pound the Huns
The officer’s move on up the line
It will soon be time

Upon a whistle blast you are to move fast
The brave are never last
I reach their lines
Hun blood will soon be mine

The screams ring out
You can hear the officer’s shout
Clear these Huns out

The battle rages at close quarters
This really is a slaughter
We are weary and tired
Lots of bullets have been fired

The Hun trenches are ours
The battle was waged for hours
The dead and the wounded lie all around
The blood of man has dyed the ground

The Great War was fought and won
We had defeated the Hun
But who really won
And why was it re-named WW1


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