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The happiest people in the world today
Are those who know they have a place in eternity
Those who can repeat the facts of the Christian gospel
And beside each fact insert a sincere and forever “for me”

Jesus Christ the Son of God was born “for me”
He died “for me’ that all my sins might be forgiven
He arose from the tomb on the third morn “for me”
To assure eternal life “for me” with Him in Heaven
Whatever He did here on Earth He did “for me”
The difference which this knowledge makes is plain to see

There is a lot of evidence that Christ once lived
And that He arose from the tomb as He had predicted
He was seen by so many people in several different places
That He rose from the dead cannot be contradicted
But there are some who still try to deny this truth
They have no vision or hope of eternity
They are unaware of the truth which would set them free
They are the people who cannot say “It was for me.”


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