For my Country

by | Nov 16, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

For my country I fought
I worked hard
I took up arms
I travelled overseas

For my Country I shed blood
I took lives
I swept up the weak to safety
I tackled terrorism

For my Country I strived for excellence
I trained hard
I Went through tough times
I went through tough selection

For my Country I flew
I crossed Oceans and seas
I travelled under sea and ice
I crossed Rivers and roads

For my Country I saved people
I adhered to the rules
I followed lawful orders
I protected people

For my Country I made tough decisions
I marched long and hard
I went without
I endured

For my Country I cradled my dying friend
I witnessed friends blown to pieces
I cleared mines and gathered parts of friends
I carried flag draped boxes onto returning aircraft

For my Country I missed my children growing
I lost my wife
I lost a part of me
I will never be the same

For my Country I have nightmares
I fear friendship and contact
I cannot function anymore
I lost my life

You elected the leadership of my Country
You cheered as I left
You listened as I fought
You are part of my Country

You spit and shout at me
You call me a Murderer
You blame me for the actions I carried out
On behalf of you and our Country


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