For My Darling Husband to Be

by | May 14, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

The dreaded day finally dawns, I must kiss my love goodbye
I’m trying to be strong and keep the tears from my eyes
I try to imprint on my mind each gentle touch, each kiss
For when my love is far away, it is these I really miss

My soldier smiles and strokes my hair, “Oh baby please don’t cry”
“I’ll write you lots of letters to make the time fly by”
“I’ll fill each letter with all my love, so baby don’t feel blue”
“And count down each and every day till I come home to you”

He looks so brave, big and strong in his dessert kit
I know that he must leave me to go and do his bit
His job is so important and my heart swells up with pride
But oh, I wish the days fly by till he’s back home at my side

He is my whole world, moon and stars and worry fills my heart
Dear God, please keep my soldier safe, please don’t make us part
I cant let him see my fears, so I smile at him once more
Though I know that when he walks away the tears will start to pour

There is just time for one more kiss as he whispers “I love you”
I tell him “Please stay safe darling and know I love you too”
Then he starts to walk away, I feel my heart will break
But I keep the smile on my lips for my soldiers sake

For I know he will turn around and give me one last wave
So though the tears threaten I know I must be brave
A moment later he is gone, I can see him no more
I finally give in and let the tears begin to pour

One thing will keep me going all the time we are apart
The army has my soldier, but its me who has his heart
I will wait for him forever, the most precious thing in my life
Til my soldier returns home to me, and I can be his wife.

You are everything to me Eric, stay safe, keep your head low
And in all the lonely moments, know I love you so
I will keep you safe, protected, deep within my heart
And miss you and think of you every minute we’re apart.

The memories of all we’ve shared will keep me company
Will be constant companions till you come back to me
So do your duty darling, do the best you can
And know your darling smoggie is so proud of her man.


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