For the Soldiers return

by | Sep 30, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

The sun beats down upon the parade ground
What a beautiful day
As the banners they sway
What a welcome home
For the soldiers return

Excited children in need of their dad
Weeping wife’s the one’s who really had it bad
A joyful dad who is so glad
To be back in the arms of his family

He steps of the bus
Why all the fuss
He is still covered in desert dust

The shouts and roars
The hugs and the kisses
The tears of joy
As he holds his new baby boy

He holds him so tight
This beautiful small mite
Never wanting to let go
He has missed them so

For the soldiers return
Is now complete
He can shake of the dust from his feet
He will no longer walk those desert streets
Well at least not for awhile


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