Force Majeure

by | Sep 15, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

The word is more powerful than the sword
The Bible is the Word of God…

A wall full of poetry to heal the mind
Some simple, others tangled webs of thought.
By those who slept in concrete beds
Who braved each day without true rest.
To kill or be killed, to fight or run
What doubts, what fears, in silence come.
You were shadow boxing in the night
The enemy would with cunning fight.
As one, you would as comrades stand
You offered each a brother’s hand.
When one was hit, you would return
For that is what he would have done.
You fought for what you thought was just
You earned our honour and our love…
Though the guns grow silent in the end
We must the graves of heroes tend.

Those poems displayed upon the wall
The history of real lives recall…


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