Forest is crying

by | May 8, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

As the creep of quiet brings the soft new light
I do so miss you, through everlasting night
As soft silken shadows caress in the glen
I will always love you, just as I did then.

{Forest is crying at your absence dear heart!}

Valley echoes as sounds permeate the rift
And my lifes emotions then alter and shift
Tiny scurry of feet on the cabin floor
Then Midge your dog, scratches at the worn out door.

{Forest is crying at your absence dear heart!}

The soft sheen of a rock pool, where we did swim
Is now clouded over, and looks very grim
Sweetest green grass patch, where flower rings you made
Now brown all over like a deep mourning glade.

{Forest is crying at your absence dear heart!}

No more the chatter of the chaffinch and lark
No more the squirrels loud squeak in the park
Gone is the Bluebells, the bright Marigold ring
Missing is your laughter that made the birds sing.

{Forest is crying at your absence dear heart!}

Oh how we all have missed you this long year!
All sat by the fireside, just shedding a tear
But there will come, our togetherness once more
For soon your cruise ship, will anchor at home shore.

{Forest will again smile at your return dear heart!}


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