Forest life

by | Jun 7, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

As I wonder through this vast forest,
I am blessed with visions of beauty,
Swarms of all kinds of creatures,
Whisper and float this way and that,
Dancing around the tall features,

Of this lush vista, there seems no end,
Little creatures that don’t see,
Fly, lightly tapping, rapping at me,
larger dwellers, cautiously tempting,
brush my visions edge, testing,

Between shafts of light and the gloom,
I can see shadows merge or appear,
Never quite close enough to be clear,
Very reluctantly, some move in sight,
One or two sneaks, gave me a fright,

Reaching down, I move gently,
Debris and fauna, swept aside,
I find many little things trying to hide,
On exposure, they flit and flee
Trying to loose sight of me.

I gaze in awe at the vast population,
Great and small, that live in perpetual motion,
They can be found all around,
Scurrying along the floor,
or soaring never reaching the shore.

I would Love to stay,
To watch this before me all day,
But looking at my watch I see,
This visit is now up for me.
My time is up and I must leave.

Looking towards the glow,
Carefully I leave all below,
I rise up through the sea,
Finally a friendly hand,
Reaches for me.


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