Forget Me Not.

by | Sep 21, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Although I’m no longer within your arms
For that ever welcome embrace
You’ll feel my presence around you
In every mortal place.
For me the suffering is over
No more will I feel the pain
But I know that sometime in the future
We’ll both be together again.
So think of me each and every day
As to the Heavens your eyes you cast
For the sorrow and loneliness you feel today
Will soon become a thing of the past.
Remember a Soldier always has two loves
A caring Mother and a beautiful Wife
But because he fights for his Country
In Combat it may one day cost him his life.
So weep not for me at my graveside
Where I know that my company you’ll keep
So think of me now as I always was
Except that here I lie fast asleep.
For I know nevermore in your arms will , I, you hold
Nor from you anymore feel a warm caress
But always remember the love that we had
And try all the tears to suppress.
Look forward to a bright new tomorrow
With me just in another place
For I’ll never forget the love of my life
Or the lovely radiant smile on your face.
So think of me each and every day
And as you lay down on your pillow to sleep
For I’ll always be there to watch over you
As on my Heavenly watch I keep.
So live happy and healthy from now my love
And may you a long life complete
Then may you never have to say goodbye, but adieu
Until finally again we may meet.


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