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Forget me not he said to me
My love so pure and true
Forget me not sweet wood anemone
As I take my leave of you
For a soldier blue I am to be
And it’s off to war I go
Across the wide and deep blue sea
To a land I do not know
Forget me not till I return
And save a place for me.

Oh my brave wee soldier blue
I whispered in soft reply
My love for you is also true
It will not fade and die
However long we are apart
And as I bid you fair adieu
I’ll hold you fast within my heart
And weep with pride for you
Until the day that you return
And I’ll save a place for you.

Now three long years and two have past
And my loves’ returned to me
Not as a blue forget me not
Instead, a poppy of tissue red
And this he had to say;

My sweet anemone, what I have done
Have ripped my very soul apart
I’ve slain with knife, I’ve killed with gun
And returned with a wounded heart
Bleeding for each mothers son
As the loaded dice was cast
And though the war was won
The price we paid was vast
So many who did not return
So many lives to mourn

And you my sweet anemone
Do you love me still?
Is their a place for me?

Oh! I cried in sweet refrain
Though boy to man you’ve changed
My love for you as always been
And I shan’t desert you now
Come rest your head upon my breast
We will forget them not


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