Forgive Me Brother

by | Mar 9, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Forgive me brother
For I do not cry upon the world’s shoulders
I do not mourn upon thy death
I do not seek sympathy from those unknown
But I expect your memory to maintain and withhold
In the world’s structure when I grow old.

As time may go
And age may sweep upon me
I shan’t forget your face
nor the memories which were brought

As time increased and paths were led
I shan’t forget the pain and tears which I shed
Behind this face lies the truth
Of all which was to be said and all which is still within
My heart break shall stay inside me

Forgive me brother
If I do not visit your graveside
If I do not pledge my grief
By the growing grass
Near your stone or side
If I do not claim my love

Forgive me brother
For I am hiding
Form the world
Which seems
So impure
But which once seemed
Clear and defiant
When you walked in a room.

Forgive me brother
I am unclear
Of where this world is leading me
Promise you will guide me
I shan’t forget thee.


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