Forgive Me

by | Jan 28, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Forgive me if my attitude
Is a little off the mark
Or that the responses to your questions
Come across as rather stark

Forgive me if my interest
In my work has gone a drift
Or the time I spend at work each day
Seems to you as rather swift

Forgive me if it doesn’t seem as though
I’m giving your problems much attention
Of if you think that slacking off
Is clearly my intention

Forgive me if I don’t react
When you say a job is late
Or when I do not contribute
To the resulting office debate

Forgive me if I’m unsympathetic
When you’re having a bad day
Or if you think I’m ignoring you
When I turn the other way

Forgive me if I don’t join in
With the gossip and the lies
Or if I don’t respond to you
When you question reasons why

Forgive me when I don’t take notes
When you hold ‘important’ meetings
Or if I seem distracted
During our monthly full team briefings

Forgive me if I tear a strip
Off the ones who are constantly moaning
Or if I give a piece of my mind
When people are griping and groaning

Forgive me if you don’t understand
When I ask you to leave me alone
Or if I do not answer
When you call me on the phone

Forgive me if you didn’t know
That this country is fighting a war
And that the biggest thing that’s worrying me
Is receiving an untimely knock on my door

Forgive me if I seem distant
Due to the thoughts which are filling my head
Or when I want to break down in tears
When I hear that a brave soldier is dead

Forgive me when you look confused
When you ask why I’m upset
It’s because my soldier is away at war
And I haven’t heard from him yet

Forgive me if I walk away
When you say ‘What you worrying for’
For if I don’t you’ll probably find
That you’re flat on your back on the floor

Forgive me if I slap your face
When you say ‘That’s what they signed up to do’
Would you be so disrespectful?
If that soldier was related to you!

Forgive me if I have offended you
For supporting our soldiers so true
I’m not the one who should ask for forgiveness
The one that should ask…is you


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