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Alone in the darkness
I sit and pray
Remembering the day
My own mind went astray
Forgiveness I seek
For the things I have done
Things that cant be undone
Past that stage I have come
From my conscience I give this
The Lord God is a witness
Don’t want to be on this hit list
Or remain on a shit list
So my sadness is here now
Eyes stinging with tears now
It’s my fear that I fear though
My ignorance can’t hear though
Thinks my conscience is clear
When the truth is right here
Mind unable to steer
All the things I held dear
Like I tried to forget it
But the pain just won’t let it
Hunting truth like a ranger
In the dark like a stranger
Seeking warmth in a shadow
From the cold of my sorrow
I did this
I made this
Like a truth it’s contagious
Through my brain it still rages
Like a storm full of pages
Like a law set in stone
In the core of my bones
It won’t leave me can’t take it
No more whiskey can shake it
Dear God please save me
Save this life that you gave me
Give me courage to fight
Sweating guilt every night
Cos my body cant take it
And my mind wants to fake it
So to God I am praying
All these things I am saying
As I pray for forgiveness
Cos through hell I have lived this
And if God cannot right me
Mark of Cain they may smite me
So I stand before paradise an inferno behind me
If the almighty denies me then the devil may find me.


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