Found yet lost

by | May 11, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I have found myself, yet I am lost
Heaven only knows who counts the cost
In a whirl of traumas emotions
Lifes spectre in coloured oceans.
{Fire smoulders, and ash returns to earth.}
Floating on vapours of distant dreams
Whilst contemplating, lifes hopes and schemes
Only the Gods know for whom bells toll
Now I am lost on lifes onward roll.
{Fire smoulders, and ash returns to earth.}
Image in mirror reflects my face
Am I then part of the human race?
For the path I walk is as a maze
As beauty of life, does thoughts erase.
{Fire smoulders, and ash returns to earth}
Fire comes alive, images appear
Smoke surrounds me, a black cape of fear
I stand before God, knowing my worth
Born as of fire, married to earth.
{Fire burns brightly, bringing peace and birth.}


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