Four Good Men

by | Dec 11, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Lying in a muddy field
Some distance from the road
Waiting for the moment when
Their bomb is to explode

They spent the night with shovels
Digging in the dirt
Delighted with their efforts
To kill and maim and hurt

The unsuspecting convoy
Drove straight towards the bomb
It blew up with a roar
And four good men were gone

Before the troops could muster
The ambushers had fled
They’d done their savage worst
And four good men were dead

“It wasn’t anybody’s fault”
The brave P.M. then said
‘They were a casualty of war
Those soldiers who were dead”

“Our hearts go out to family”
He churns out every week
“It’s not the fault of government
Peace is all we seek”

But soldiers know their onions
The kit they have is poor
Who knows what today brings
Perhaps another four

Look further than your nose-end
“Brave” leader of this land
And re-equip our soldiers
So they can make a stand

We know what you’ll answer
Where do you get the gall
To say we can’t afford it
We have no where-with- all

Your pensions are enormous
The city boys as well
The bankers who have fleeced us
All should be made to yell

Claw some money back then
From this greedy crew
And give some to the troops
To see what they can do

We don’t want any more lads
Blown to kingdom come
Because we don’t believe you
There must be something done


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