Four Ten Thousandths of One Percent

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

I don’t want you to remember me every day of the year
I don’t intend that your life is impacted
I don’t hope you spend more time thinking of me then your loved ones
I don’t crave a reminder on every street

Please enjoy your freedom
Discover new passions
Laugh at comedians
Go to the park
Tickle your partner
Pay a bit extra and lounge in the good seats at the movies
Watch the Grand Prix
Take a nap
Have a pint
Let your wife beat you at scrabble
Walk your dog
Fight for the good lounger on your holiday
Love black cherry ice-cream
Invest in your business
Adore your kids
Appreciate a cool wind on a sunny day
Revel in your 6-nations victory
Rock with that band you have always wanted to see
Feel guilty you are eating a jam doughnut
Suffer that hangover
Relish your new car
Learn to make fudge

Why? Because I can’t do any of those things anymore

In return I ask is that you stop for 2 minutes once a year.

You would be giving up zero, point, zero, zero, zero, three eight percent of your year, for which I gave up my life.


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