Freddy Gilroy

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Freddy Gilroy Scarborough

We’re back in Yorkshire once again
In Scarboough on a Winter’s day
Where Ray Lonsdale has created another Statue
To sit here on the Promenade on display
The twice than lifelike subject this time
Sitting here facing the Sea at North Bay
Dressed In appropriate clothing
Perhaps for a cold Wintry day
Freddy served in the Royal Artillery in W W 2
And when in 1945
The fighting had all ceased
Freddy Gilroy and fellow soldiers were there
To liberate the Prisoners of Belsen released
Some in a sorry state
After 4 years in Belsen
Governed and guarded by Soldiers of Hate
Freddy Gilroy was a friend of Ray Lonsdale
And in his memory sculpted this display
To sit of the Promenade each day
Four weeks was the original intention
But a Scarborough resident made a donation to purchase
And now Freddy Gilroy can sit there each day
Accompanied by the words which I readily quote
A final tribute by the Sculptor Ray Lonsdale
And these were the words that he wrote

“Freddie Gilroy and the Belsen Stragglers”

They said for king and country
we should do as we were bid
They said old soldiers never die –
but plenty young ones did

Sculpture by Ray Lonsdale
in association with Artsbank (Saltburn)

Dennis Shrubshall 7th January 2024


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