by | Mar 7, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I want to walk free
Alone with nobody else just me
I want to feel the wind on my face
The cool breeze embrace

I look up to the sky
You can ask god why
I feel like I want to cry
Why must I die?

I watch the clouds move on by
As they drift through the sky
Not a care or a worry
Never in to much of a hurry

Their shapes change
And the rain starts to fall
God’s tears they cover us all
I feel the drops on my skin
Will it wash away my sin?

I can ask why me
What did I do?
It seems so unfair
I have so much to give
I want to live

But this hand has been dealt
Deaths cold hand can be felt
But please do not pity me
For I have walked free


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