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On the edge of a cliff or mountainside
Many times I have a feeling I try to hide
It is the same feeling I had on the back of a plane
With the ramp down, I have ideas that are insane

I have almost succumb to this fleeting thought
On many a high adventure as extra kit it is brought
By all around me and trust in me it is unseen
The idea that always makes me beam

Without a parachute or arrester gear
I feel I want to jump, I have no fear
To sail down through the air
Plunging to my end without a care

The idea of falling huge distances watching the earth below
Appeals to me on so many levels and makes me glow
The rush of air and wisps of cloud all around
Plunging through them racing towards the distant ground

To fall and tumble limply, body slack
Face down or on my back
Is an idea so appealing to me
I dream of falling from a tall tree

When I find myself at height, each time I feel this way
At the last split second I think of a reason to stay
My wife and family of which I deeply care
Would no longer have someone close to share

As long as I have such attachments to life
My loving family and devoted wife
I always find a reason to pull away
From the edge that holds me in such sway


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