Friends; Always

by | Oct 4, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

She sent me a feather
From her gossamer wings
Knowing I needed comfort
Belief and her support
As always

My heart skipped a beat
As I picked up the feather
And held it soft in my hand
As I will hold the memory of her
With me, always

Such a gentle feather
Like the gentlest of smiles
That adorned her pretty face
I’ll smile with you, and
For you, always

I imagine the feather
Dipped in paint of purest blue
Bringing life to a blank canvas
At the touch of her hand
An artist, always

A pure white downy feather
From the breast of a bird
Flying free in the sky
The wonder of nature loved by her
And by me, always

This feather brings these words
A tribute to her faith
In me and in my poetry
Amanda, my inspiration


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