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And yet another year has gone
So an email says today
Subscription time is here again
It’s time for me an annual fee to pay
And so I sit and ponder
Will this facility I use
Or shall I be a free Member
So Poetic friends I don’t lose
An answer tho’ not hard to find
It’s always plain to see
You have to pay for what you want in life
Very little comes for free
Which leads me on to friendship
Abundant here on this thread
Where we can laugh and joke in rhyme
Or be serious instead
The latest news that I’ve noticed
Ron’s working life’s expired
So it would be very nice to know
What he’s doing now he’s retired
It must be nice to know Ron
That this thread long ago was light-hearted
Continues strong in here today
With 29,000 viewers since you first started
So it must still be of interest
To the many who come in daily to look
Or is that perhaps they’ll find
The release date of my new book
Which I’m pleased to say will be any day now
From the Printers I’m advised
With a fervent hope of it’s success
And the Military Charities further subsidised
By generosity from eager readers
For not only can they enjoy the reading
The book “ A Tapestry of Verse”
Will they help this venture succeeding
The one thing that I’d like to stress
To potential buyers that I’ve never met
That all proceeds go to Military Charities
And not one penny will I get
But then again I’ve had the pleasure
Writing word by word and line by line
To help someone less fortunate
And to me that sounds just fine
For in the world we live today
A saying that I think is fair
With Health & Friends & Happiness
Without doubt you’re a Millionaire


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