From a boy to a Solider

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A Story, From a boy to a Solider
Darren is just nine years old
Today his story will be told

Mummy Mummy where is my helmet and my Gun
Daddy i am worried about our Son
its ok he‘s only haveing a bit of fun
Let him go and play in the sun

Today Darren is sixteen
A life in the army he is very keen
Mummy says its ok
she thinks he still wants to play
Darren is clever and in the army he will stay

And now the day is come
A Uniform, helmet and a gun and the deed is done
Darren is going to Afganistan
is he just a boy no no he is now a man

A letter from Darren came today
in the army he can not play and six months he must stay
is my son realy there I look out of the window and stair
I hope Someone will here my prair

A thunder came to our door
a man from the Army tried to speak
but i knew my Darren is no more
Eighteen years old and Darrens story is told


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