From a Mother

by | Mar 29, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Please hear me dear lord as when I say “I ask for your loving grace”
I ask for you” take this broken child and keep him in your loving arms”
This broken body I offer to you knowing the value of what is inside
I know no wounds or burns matter; please keep him from more harm

All I ask is you taking from me this child to whom I gave life
And take this my own sacrifice which war has given to me
I wish for myself no promise from you I offer only my love in thanks
If only I can know inside that this broken child with you will be

Judge not this child for his actions for they were taken in honest faith
He stood by an oath he gave to his queen and brought her no disgrace
So challenge him not for his actions but pity him for what he has lost
I know in my heart what has now gone and I no longer look on his face

This body I now hand over to you though broken and burned it is
Born of myself through love and pain the spirit is worthy of you
For me I will wait and hope that one day I will join my son once more
I know he is lost, his soul is for you and I trust in thee to care for him true


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