From Karen’s Pupils ( aged 9 )

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We will Remember Them

As I look upon the battle fields

I see soldiers with guns and shields

When I see them as boys they lie in there beds

While bullets shoot out of there dreamy heads

I see them faintly in the fire burns

As the smoke puffs and churns

Driven away into the depths of the sky

In the shadows the soldiers lie


We Will Remember Them

Red for blood,

Black for guns,

Green for leaves,

I can’t stand to see them die,

So young they are,

Why do they have to say goodbye, Life is bright,

Imagine how life would be

With out the fight.


We Will Remember Them

We will remember them.

The Son’s, fathers and brothers,

That died for us.

They stand together row by row,

Forever protecting us.

The blood that spilled,

Made a thousand poppies.

Moving freely in the wind

Like the souls of the fallen soldiers.


We will remember them

Red is for the blood that was spilled

How do you feel about the people killed

Green is for the swishy grass

At the end all we could hear was bombs crash


We will remember them

The blood that was spilled on Flanders field.

The new life grows as darkness goes.

The soldiers that lay there in rows and rows.

That sleep there for ever.

Black is for darkness.

Black is for sadness.

Black is for shadows.

That turn into light.



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