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It’s hard to be a Spirit
An Angel, or a Guide
I try so hard to speak to you
From on, the other side

Perhaps through ‘Forces Poetry’
A message I will send
If I could just get through to you
I’d then achieve my end

You’d find the hidden meanings
I wouldn’t make them boring
And if the words were short ones
I’d put them on ‘The Forum’

You’d know the poems were just from me
I’d keep them Sad, and Lighter
And if my fingers couldn’t type
I’d use a good ‘Ghost-writer’

I’d try to put thoughts in your head
A ‘Hunch’, or ‘inner voice’
And when I catch you Wondering
It’s then I would rejoice

You’ll hear me in the silence
A whisper on the breeze
An ‘echo’ in the Graveyard
A shiver when you freeze

These are the words I’ll speak to you
With words you cannot hear
I’ll find a way to reach you
Forever, always near

For love it has no barriers
In this world, or the next
Though Death has drawn us both apart
I could always send a ‘Text’


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