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It’s funny how the Army’s many Regiments and Corps
So often, when in barracks, delight in fisticuffs and brawls.
And yet, when “In Theatre” they might make you sob with pride,
To see them band like brothers and be counted side by side.

God bless the British Army, it’s an extraordinary thing,
Capable of miracles, enough to make the angels sing.
But, when you leave the Colours, you can’t help feel the loss,
You miss all the upheaval, and you actually “Give a toss.”

It’s so lonely as a Civvy and when problems multiply,
There are few who want to know you when you feel as you could cry.
But one day, you meet another chap, an old soldier just like you;
It doesn’t matter what he was, because suddenly, one are two.

Then another and another, and before you know what’s what.
You’re suddenly at section strength, and all talking Tommy rot!
It feels good to have new “Muckers” – they know what you’re about.
You can talk to them for hours – there’s never any doubt.

So, don’t go feeling down old chum, chin up, chest out, look straight.
Just cast around, you’ll find a pal, and soon you’ll feel just great!


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