Gardener’s Delight

by | Apr 27, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Oh! to be in England now that April’s here
Does it mean that the Winter is past
Has the Spring come and gone without noticing
As the Season’s seem to go so fast
For the Winter days and nights appeared long
You’d wondered if they’d ever end
So once more you could rally round
And time in the garden you’d spend
It can’t be many weeks ago
Daffodils were merely showing through
As you strolled around the garden
Contemplating which chores to do
But now they’ve all bloomed and died
Tulips, Jonquils & Hyacinths too
All that is left is a myriad stems
Waiting for attention by you
To tie them and let them wither and die
Or just cut them level with the ground
To enable the planning of the Summer flowers
And cultivate the beds where they’ll be found
The Peonies are growing fast and budding well too
With Azaleas and Hydrangeas in pots
To create a colourful hue
When the Sun comes again to the Garden
And hopefully a shower of Summer rain
To encourage Mother Natures children
To show the beauty of their blooms once again
Sheltered in many places by the trees
The Apple, The Pear and Flowering Cherry
Affording shade in the hot Summer Sun
Or keep the tender plants from the wind ,when they’re young
Which we know is nearly always necessary
But away from the flowers there are lots more tasks to do
More items in the Gardeners heavy load
Pull the weeds, prune the Roses, trim the edges of the beds
Then it seems there are acres of Lawn to be mowed
Then when once more the scene is set for Summer
And a seat in the Hammock you have found
You can sit back and listen to the experts
As all of their patent theories they expound


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