Garlick and Rosebud

by | May 4, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Little green Goblins are tucked up tight in their beds
Whilst all the bright stars hang on Dandelion threads
The soft white clouds made of buttercup milk
Glisten and gleam just like marshmallow silk.

Down in the hollow of Gooseberry-Down
Garlick and Rosebud are going to town
Both dressed up, in bright yellows and pinks
Looking forward, to their very first drinks.

Barman! Oh Barman! Fine fellow you are,
See us arrive in our Peppermint car
Wheels are made of Ellens gooseberry pie
It’s oh so fast! We tell you no lie.

Back down Scrubbins lane man, we were alive!
Our car going, at least twenty-five,
The wheels went around like icicle pop
And we really thought, that they’d never stop.

We were caught by SnobGrob, the village Cop
He said ‘ you two are for high jump and hop’
You’d better come, to the village Cop-Shop
When we got there, gave us a pail and mop.

Old Ma SnobGrob, she gave such a great shout,
‘And what do you think that you’re all about’!
‘These two little Ba-Lambs were going to town’
Oh my! Did she give him a frightening frown.

Back to town went Ma SnobGrob and us two
She’d brought some glum-gum, so we had a chew
Then straight to the Soda bar went us three
But only after we’d had a good peeee.




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