Get your backbone back

by | Jul 23, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Look at you sitting there
Up in your ivory tower
Untrained, undisciplined
Which fool gave you the power?

You’re making decisions
About these terrible wars
But do you actually know?
What we are really fighting for

You send our forces out to fight
Whilst we loved ones merely stand and wait
How many more lives must be sacrificed?
Whilst you ponder on their fate

Those men and women are fighting
For their country and their Queen
But would YOU put their shoes on
And tread where they have been?

On one hand you praise them
Then on the other you berate
You ought to make your minds up
No wonder this country’s in such a state

Start listening to the masses
Stop pandering to the few
Forget this PC rubbish
Let common sense reign true

It’s time this country’s rulers
Stood behind our Union Jack
And made OUR Britain Great again
Get your backbone back!


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