by | Jan 5, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Oh God!…I cannot go through with this. There
Must be some way out of this…some way out.
If I knew that it was going to be
Like this I would not have started it off.
Maybe there is some loophole. But maybe
Not. Oh God! This is going to be so
Bad…so terrible…I know it. I wish
I did not have to face it. I wish it
Was all over…done with…sorted. Oh God!
If it has to happen please do not make
It so bad…not so hard…please make it quick.
I do not want to…Oh! Why oh why does
It have to be like this…but I suppose
It does…and I have to face it…I must
Go through with it. Just make it bearable.
Oh well! I had better get on with it…
Get it over and done with…here goes…into
The inferno…the point of no return.


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