Getting Away

by | Mar 25, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Not everyone wants a green country lane
Some people want a villa in Spain
There are those that prefer a city-scape too
Where the night time excites more than a few
Some folk might think that a cruise will suffice
With exotic food that contains lots of spice
But me- I prefer a far gentler break
My wife and my ‘van are all that I take
We often spend weekends in hideaway sites
Eat leisurely meals-talk into the nights
Whenever the urge to wander abroad
We whisk off to France and check “the accord”
When first we retired we set off to Spain
And Portugal,through the snow and the rain
The Algarve was warm with a wonderful site
Events going on every day and each night
Colin and Val were friends we made there
Generous people who asked us to share
Their barbecue dinner- all done to a tee
(They even did some veggie for me)
Several years later and still going strong
We knew from the start that we’d all get along
So keep all your airports.coaches and trains
With times that worry or addle your brains
Just buy a camper or towed caravan
And take your pleasure where-ever you can


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