Getting Hitched

by | May 5, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

He’s gone and popped the question
“Will you marry me?”
Yes or no, it’s up to you
He’s waiting patiently

You’ve waited all your life for this moment
Now at last it’s finally here
Your heart is doing somersaults
You can’t help but shed a tear

Your tears are not of sadness
But ones of happiness and joy
And now he’s waiting for your answer
Like an anxious little boy

Regaining your composure
Your response comes loud and clear
“Yes, Yes, and Yes again”
“Of course I will”, you cheer

As your answer leaves your lips
A smile appears on his face
He picks you up holds you close
In a tender loving embrace

You; the woman of his dreams
Have just agreed to be his wife
This for him is undoubtedly
The best moment of his life

Those knots inside his stomach
Vanished the moment you said “Yes”
Now he’s produced a gift for you
A ring, you should have guessed!

Chosen with love, it’s perfect
It fits just like a glove
A symbol of togetherness
Of your true undying love

Set the date and prepare your plans
For the most perfect wedding day
Make guest lists and finalise
Send invitations on their way


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