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This Sunday give your dad an extra hug
and make him feel just that bit more smug.
And look on high and thank your God for the dad you have got
and think of all those children who, have not.

For 25 years ago, a long way a way, a war was ending on Fathers Day
252 soldiers, sailors and aircrew were no longer around to have their day.
Dads and potential dads to be had a sense of duty to serve their country
they took on the task to make British territory Argentine-free

So on this Sunday June 17th, we’ll commemorate the Falklands War
And remember those that fought and are no more
For on this day, veterans will parade to remember those who fell
friends and colleagues we will remember all too well

But although we will never forget those who died, also remember those dads who
25 years might have passed, but for battle-scarred memories, many are left
Damaged families and damaged lives, there are Dads that have now lost their
unfortunate casualties who fought for the pride of their country for which they
did serve.


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