Give me the air that was decieved

by | Jul 26, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Give me the air that was deceived
Allow me to be freed
Caught at a height of great distress
I now begin to see…

The future lies within me
What I create from my bad bewildered dreams
Shall not be the error of my ways
But shall lead me into the unknown maze.

As life may be
I shall see the truth of success
Lies within me…

All in a day
Can the lord decrease your pain
In such a way

I sit upon the lords merciful seat
I prey and beg
Give me the secure need of peace

I shant portray nor sit and bleed
These cuts shall not continue
Please give me the peace

Allow me to live on
In memories form
I shall smile
I shall fliker
In the reflection
Of my brother

Grant me serenity
Peace I beg of you lord
Allow my soul to break free


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