Go On Soldier!

by | Mar 9, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Go on soldier! Go on!
We’re with you all the way
Watching on a plasma screen
We know how hard it is
We can see the battle scene

Go on soldier! Go on!
Fight for our cause and theirs
Peacekeeper or invader?
Who cares?
We’re keeping up to speed
I’ve updated the screen saver

Come on soldier! Come on!
Its important to do us proud
On TV and the internet
Its loud
With HD and surround sound
The best you can get

Well Done soldier! Well Done!
We know you gave your all
If only we’d been there
Tough call
We saw the coffin and the flag
Saw it from our armchair

To you soldier! To you!
To keep us free; save the day.
Its just your job (so I am told)
Our reality is virtual
The real thing leaves us cold

Live on soldier! Live on!
We watch but not all see
The sacrifice, the cost
And we
Live this life unthinking
Ever debtors to the lost


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