Gods Creation

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

When God created the universe
He wanted a peaceful place
He would create a planet
Upon it would place the human race

How was this planet going to survive?
To support a civilisation
He then created an atmosphere
That would support all his creation

He spread upon the earth
A multitude of seed
Called it Mother Nature
Created the animal kingdom to feed

Mother Nature would have four seasons
Each one would have a different display
Each one would have its own miracle
That would take your breath away

The planet would rely on each other
For it to remain in space
For God finely tuned Mother Nature
To live in harmony with the human race

Mother Nature re produces itself
After all the seasons have passed
But deep within the earth
Mother Nature her spell is cast

It’s an energy that is very powerful
Deep within Mother Nature it lies
For everything on this planet has His spirit
And that energy within never dies

Like a link within a moving chain
We rely on each other to survive
If Mother Natures link is broken
Then this planet would take her demise

When the energy is stripped from this planet
At a fast and furious pace
This planet will no longer exist
As it will return deselect baron place


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