Gods Creed

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Did we not defend and feed
we didn’t just follow
or give into greed
as did the hollow
hollow of soul or moral content
it was war
we knew we were being sent
said goodbye to our whore
and tanned ourselves as we waited
to be kuwaited
for freedom was belated
I freed yo sorry ass
said an American marine
I smoked grass
said the man that had seen
I was English stiff upper lip
I was a grenadier
on my tea I take a sip
cause I show no fear
boys and gals
im still scared
look at my lapels
if you even dared
by gods deed
will our English boys win?
they don’t believe in greed
or back down to sin
I rip
now show me my mother
I rip
my love is with you brother
they brought another body back
if you get violent
the buggers give you the sack
marine’s paras and the guards
give the political correct the jack
it’s a long poem but you got here
that proves your soul is sincere


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