Goin’ to uni’

by | Jan 12, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I waved you goodbye as you left on the train
Tears in my eyes, heart aching with pain
They said you were clever, that you needed to go
That we were too young, our love too shallow
Didn’t understand, what we felt for each other
Me dad, your father, me mam, your mother
Childhood sweethearts for ever together and never to part
You’d been the secret I’d kept in my heart.

We’d met in the park, you was playing cricket
I’d rolled up me frock and stood in as wicket
Go away little girl, your mates had cried
I’m not little! I’m ten I’d lied
You’d smiled, leave her alone and let her stay
Don’t be rotten lads, let her play
I’d batted and ran and bowled you all out
HOWZAT! For a girl, I’d cried with a shout
We’d grown up together, you and I
Into local comp girl and grammar school boy.

I watched till your train went out of sight
Your parents oblivious to my sad plight
It’s been a whole ten minutes! You said you’d phone
Why, oh why do I feel so alone?
It was only last night I helped you pack
Now all that’s left is an empty track.

A year has passed, now I’m on the train
I showed em’ this girls got a brain
Cos’ I buckled down and got a scholarship too
And that my sweet darlin’ is one up on you!


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