Gone not forgotten on Remembrance day

by | Oct 24, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I was not there so I did not see
the Horrors of War, lack of Humanity,
though I did not suffer I will bow my head
on Remembrance Day and pay my respects.

To the Men and the Women who fought in the Wars
to the people who suffered to fight for a cause,
for Freedom, for Country, for Sovereign to save
at the price of a Shilling for which they were paid.

They marched off to War leaving loved ones behind
then fought in the Ditches and Trenches to find
the Enemy were not any different to them
for they were also Young Boys and Men.

The Battles raged on as the days turned to night,
their fears and their passions all mingled with fright
their blood and their sweat washed away by their tears
as the days turned to weeks and the months turned to years.

A letter written swiftly by a Soldier to his wife
in the event that whilst fighting he should loose his life,
began with “My Darling” and went on to say
words of great comfort she would need on this day.

“My Body and Soul i know you will miss,
the warmth and the love in my tender kiss,
but walk past a Monument and you’ll hear me say
I’m Gone not Forgotten on Remembrance Day”


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