Good is Good

by | Nov 11, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Good is Good, it does not need,
To be seen through the lens of Creed.
And Heresy’s an ugly word,
When used to protect the absurd.

The worth of a man is measured by
The deed he does with head held high;
The knowledge that his work is just;
And worthy of another’s trust.

To be a man of Faith: Or not;
Should be a thing of choice.
Those, who have religion, got,
Or not; should have a voice!

The point that I have laboured here,
To the astute, is very clear.
For Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew,
Atheist, Agnostic this is so true,

Just get along and let there be
Some peace for a piece of History
It can come true, it can be done,
Not every problem needs a gun!


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