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Goodbye, for now, forgive my tears
They come from knowing you all these years
My sadness is me missing you
And thinking what you’ll be going through.

Goodbye, for now, but not too long
I promise that I will be strong
I promise I’ll live my life and try to smile
Though you’ll be in my heart all the while

Goodbye, for now, my proud brave son
I picture you neither at war or holding a gun
The only visions I have in my mind
Is of a boy, loving, gentle and kind.

Goodbye, for now, we’ll pray for you
My son that’s all that we can do
We’ll pray and hope for every one
For every father brother lover and son

Goodbye, for now, you’ll soon be back
To light up our lives with your wonderful laugh
Come back safe, I don’t care how
Just come back to us, so goodbye…for now.


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